Weekly digest: episode II

I saw a lecture on the link between suffering and success on Talks at Google where the lecturers show some interesting examples of super-survivors of traumas, sufferings, traumatic stress or terminal illnesses and their radical transformation of who they are, how they behave and how they live their lives.

I, myself, am going through some major crysis this period, this month and I feel the thin line between falling and rising above the suffering. I see that choice is the one that is the referee in this one. And we have to respect the referee. Walking this thin path between suffering and exaltation from the pains and elevating my conscience needs my determination to go either way, either up or down.

Think about it this way: how would you feel if you are pushed to the limits where the one who you used to be is no longer desired, wanted in anybody’s life, including in yours? Would you stubbornly hold on to it acting, thinking and feeling the same? Would you destroy everything in your path? Would you lament yourself about your life, about your failures? Or would you change?

Now.. choose the change path and see what happens. ;) Does it hurt?

P.S.: I’ve changed the title of the series of articles into weekly digest . :)

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