Your true colors – don’t be discouraged

I write this today with the feeling of reverence for all the inspired and inspiring music out there that filled my heart. I wanna tell you about the true colors each and everyone of us have, regardless of race, skin color, nationality, spoken language and culture. In fact, it’s even far beyond the notion of politics, whether you’re educated or not or whether you work or are unemployed. It’s about the true you. ;)

Whenever I get inspired by great music that was composed to send a deep message and to awake us, I immerse myself in profound reflections. Would that lead me to profound concentration of the whole thing, the subject of my contemplation? Indeed! :)

There are also great moments in Nature that, if we know how to take advantage of them, have the power to strike a chord within us so hard that its music sounds from deep beyond the mind, beyond the emotional part of ourselves and puts us in tune with the universal resonance chamber within us. Then we have the power to sing our own life.

So, it is obvious for me that being natural, spontaneous, myself, like I used to be when I was a child, is what I suggest myself to do. No need to be fake, to put on masks, to show off in such a manner that I loose my name in the process and my personality. Am I someone else while doing that? Of course! But where does this come from? Maybe from the man on the street one day. Maybe from the flower shop saleswoman, or maybe from the protesting crouds in the downtown plaza the other day. I don’t know. It was just a moment in space and time, but we picked it up because it looked so cool that we had to use it. People are successful with that kind of behaviour, it seems. But why am I not? :|

So, I was listening again to “True colors“, by Phil Collins, and I was also watching the lyrics and inspired me to write this. I think it is time to be natural. I think it is time for us to be onest, both with each other and with the others. And I also think it’s time for us to treat life as a game. We treat it to seriously.. but seriously! Let it loose a little, othewise it’ll break and won’t sing anymore.

I cannot forget one of the most inspiring moment in Buddha’s life when he was meditating at the foot of a tree and on a boat, on the lake in front of him an old musician told his student “If you tighten the string too much it will snap and if you leave it too slack, it won’t play. So fine-tune your sitar!”. :D

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