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The Sketches: This is the worst of times, this is the best of times

„Education is the movement from darkness to light.”

Allan Bloom.

This is the worst of times. We live in our own dreams, our own mind bubble thinking we are awake. In reality, we are deeply asleep not seeing reality at all.

This is the best of times. We look at ourselves and we see that things don’t work out. We look for solutions, now. We are waking up into what really is around us and within us.

This is the worst of times. People are against each other, imposing restrictions, violating rights and freedoms, killing each other in so many ways and the world is in chaos, but hasn’t yet reached the peak of it. Time will come when all will blow and then we will see what really lies within ourselves, the monsters we hide within our psyche.

This is the best of times. We come together and cooperate, building together, raising children, growing crops, herding livestock, creating a sustainable future. We are waking up and find that we are human, and need to love each other. Compassion is what we practice.

This is the worst of times. People want to control people lying to them there is a huge problem: we are too many, we need to cut down, we are ill and spread microbes and viruses making others ill. When in reality we all are creating problems to all of us when there was none at all. We are the problem. We have long become one.

This is the best of times. We come with solutions, we respect each other and let each other create whatever we want for our future with one thing in mind: to do good. We are free and freedom is what we respect and let it manifest in all of us, through all of us.

This is the worst of times. We are not only wrecking havoc on this planet, but we want to travel to other worlds in space and export our own zoo here. Or should I say animal farm?

This is the best of times. We rediscover our world and innovate so it can thrive again. We stop attacking it. We treat it with kindness, we feed it, we sustain it, we heal it.. as we heal each other. Period.

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