„You learn to know a pilot in a storm.”

Lucius Annaeus Seneca.

I would have never imagined!.. What we live today.. the chaos, the abuses, the murders, the hipocrisy, the awe of seeing people lose their humanity and embrace madness! The Storm is coming!

I was waiting for winter to cleanse and numb my mind so I could see… it never came. Sun was burning constantly during summer, no rain, no shade, nothing.. but for the clouds menacing nearby the horizon. The Storm is coming!

I couldn’t hear the creeks in the meadows crystal into the crisp atmosphere. It was all clear and dry. I thought the rain was coming, but no chance. I opened my mouth so I could drink the air to quench my thrist. It almost broke my jaws with its droughtness and toughness of breeze. I thought it was like I bit shards of rocks. And the storm is coming!

The heavy lit sky is darkened now and, curiously enough, I can see clearly where this is going. Before, I couldn’t because of too much light and white noise. Although the storm is coming I saw the light in the dark. Contrast was everything if one wants to distinguish what is precise from what is vague and soft, in other words, the good from the bad. In this case, the bad comes from too much light that wipes out every line of thought, everything that can be outlined for the sake of what is and may come.

The storm is coming! I said it before and I cannot emphasize it enough. We are not ready! We still need to know how to dance with the Devil and lead. Otherwise we will all be dancing into the Abyss, this night.

I felt a cool breeze and looked across the landscape to see what was about to happen. Thick clouds of storm were forming rather quickly and sadness was pouring onto the land like heavy rain. Darkness came and the lockdown. There is no humbleness and generosity anymore. Wind is blowing on the streets of the city. Packs of ravaging humans were running here and there, attacking each other and everything and everyone else. They want food, they want blood. The storm is coming. Fenris, the Wolf of the North, of the Year-round Night, is coming too! We will all pay!

And thus, the coldness of the snow woke me from my meditation and I saw darkness very thick and everything gone. Childhood was over. Death has come!

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