memory lanes and sceneries

The Projections: Memory Lanes and Sceneries

„We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they’re called memories. Some take us forward, they’re called dreams.”

Jeremy Irons.

As I write these lines, history comes to my mind. There are some paths in the mountains that are not only sprinkled with flowers, but with the blood of our heroes. We honour them, we cherrish them. The blood they shed is not there anymore, has been washed away, but the memory is still there and the wind blows softly to whisper words to remind us they were there and fought for our conforts and joys.

But the question still is: would we remain in the past or go forward into the future? What our heroes did in the past was for the future of mankind, for our future generations to still have a country, a city or a village to live in, a house or an apartment and all the conforts of a normal life in times of peace. Their time machine took them forward, which is why what they did in the past was because they looked ahead, by looking behind to the ones that looked ahead, and so on.

I think we should ask them: how did you guys do it? How did you live? What brought you your succes? We want to know how did you guys last this long and what did you do successfully? THAT is for the future, and indeed they’re called dreams or ideals. Let’s get back to them!

There are individual dreams for one’s own life and there are collective dreams for the lives of all of us. Can we unite our dreams into one so we can last a long time? Would this take us forward and be successful?

Can we decentralize power from the hands of the few to the hands of the many? Can the many of us build not only a village, a city, but a country? What was our country built from and by who?

These questions and many more startled my mind in the last years. They go on in my mind and many times pat me on my shoulder to remind me they’re still here and have a voice in my head, so I don’t ignore them.

So, no more philosophical talking! Our forebears prooved they have built, not destroyed, like we are doing today, destroying everything related to the past, just like we struggled, not succeeded, to destroy everything related to the divine.

So, let’s start building our own system, our own communities, our own lives, our own dreams, and for this we need people with a calling for creating something good and constructive. Vocation is what we need and we call out for.

Getting back to nature, getting back to being ourselves again, no matter if we are engineers, architects, artists, doctors, lawyers, shoemakers, craftsmen and craftswomen of any sort, economists, philosophers or taxi drivers, entrepreneurs or politicians with an oratorical talent, whatever, let’s get together and make our own communities.

We have to grow our own food, harvest our own technical plants for making our own clothes and textiles (such as hemp, flax and linen), we have to herd our own animals for getting milk, dairy and eggs, meat and all we can make from them, such as wools, tallows and other kinds of oils. We have to build our own energy systems so we can be free of the distribution companies around the world. We have to get our own water from nature, from the springs from under the earth where water is very crystaline and fresh.

Thus, we can all breathe freedom and peace will come back to us. Until then, there’s a war on for our minds and lives.

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