Silent Moonlighting – work in progress 2

“Silent Moonlighting” digital painting finds itself at the second work in progress. Added more details, worked on the moon on the left and on the rocks on the right. Also, refined the details of the wolf watching the moon. Worked with the leading lines in the composition to clarify how the story is told.

I didn’t like how the sky was clear so I changed it to give a more moody atmosphere, a look that also contrasts the rest of the composition. Its lines are rough, though, an ingredient which I really wanted in this composition.

One has to be very aware of the changes in tones throughout the entire work. I was careful to see how I shaped the rocks in order not to have a flat out look. I needed harsh contrast and in the overall painting the lighting conditions are quite harsh, despite the clouds screen that cover the land. The moon still shines powerfully and I also have to be aware of the relationship between its light cast upon the land and the light reflected on the different graphical elements in the composition.

Silent Moonlighting - work in progress 2 - digital painting

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