Silent Moonlighting – work in progress 1

I’m finally painting digitally again. :) A new composition and a new story I’m about to share with the world.

Seriously, this is another vision that I had in my imagination. This is a beautiful night and moonlit wild landscape with the main subject being the moon and its cold tone lighting. I didn’t want a very complex composition but rather following some minimal main lines composing the painting. The attention is obviously on the moon, but guess who is watching the moon? The wolf on the left.

With these two elements I will build my story which will have a trancendence that will touch the Soul of the viewer contemplating it. This will be called “Silent Moonlighting”.

I will show you my first work in progress, everything that I’ve done so far, the main elements of composition put in place on the canvas. It will be a rather large print, 100 cm wide by 40 cm tall.

Silent Moonlighting - digital painting work in progress 1

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