Silent Moonlighting – digital painting work in progress 3

Here I am at my third work in progress session of “Silent Moonlighting” digital painting. As I said, the sizes will be 100 cm wide (that is ~40 inches) and 40 cm high (almost 16 inches). This also has a story that needs to be told and showcased along with the painting. Stay tuned! ;)

And now, let me talk a little about gesture in painting. I found that gesture makes the painting dynamic, starts to tell the story and engages the viewer that contemplates it. It gives a sort of spark of imagination that triggers it to work.

There is also an interaction between the viewer and the painting that is not limited to just the act of viewing but it goes further into interpreting it. Now, there are many ways to interpret the painting with the help of conscious grasping the message. Then, it unfolds into the mind of the viewer and it elaborates until it becomes like a sphere of knowledge… first of all, emotional knowledge.

It was quite surprising for me to reflect upon this as I was engaged in the act of viewing. I was contemplating my own work and I became more and more aware of it and understood it while I was looking at it.

It starts with a silent voice of some sort that speaks in my ears not in distinct words but in intuitions or better yet, in feelings beyond feelings. What this means is that there are inferior feelings, the ones we experiment in our day-to-day life, surfacing our own psychic space, and superior feelings which are the ones that are very complex and bring understanding nourishment to our conscience. It’s like a sense of awe but not limited to just the sensing of it but living it. They have their very own content, substance, if you will. They’re alive and one can sense their flavor “from miles away” within one’s own psyche. Hard to explain in intellectual words! :)

Anyways, here is what I’ve done so far:

Silent Moonlighting - work in progress - digital painting

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