„We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”


So, we can say that we can easily forgive the dark, but can we forgive the light? For not being there! For not lighting the way… Is it light that lights the way, or are we.. the ones?

So, we have to know that light doesn’t come by accident, by happenstance. It’s somehow programmed to. It is meant to be.

Have you ever looked through your hand in the powerful midday sun? Have you ever noticed that it’s red, like firy red? I know I did and it startled me: „how come!?” I thought to my mind it was fire, really.. I didn’t know that it was, but it was red. And somehow, just a little, I could see through it. I saw some veins or whatever.. I saw some tissues, differences in colors and nuances. Try to stick a flashlight into your palm’s fingers, you’ll get the same effect.

Someone told me, a long time ago, that: „If we weren’t made of fire and light, we wouldn’t have been red when we were lit.” Man, that struck me! What are we? Who are we? Why are we solid? Why does blood run through our veins and why is it red?

Questions and no answers! I know, some of you may think that this is bull, really. And I don’t blame you. You don’t know that I’m talking about, But others of your are really heeding this, are paying attention. You’ve lived this, didn’t you? You’ve been there, in the night, with you’re flashlight lighting not only the way but your fingers as well. And you saw what light does to them when closely sticking to them. What is that? Red, like the blood?

Anyway, light is not an accident. WE are not an accident. We can be lit when light hits us. We can become red when we are lit closely to our flesh. Indeed, flesh is fire and light!

Being a child is not stupid. Being a child is wise!

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