Sunday, drawing time. 😀 The Mariner finds itself in the second work in progress. Adding a few more elements to the piece, in the composition, and strengthening accents and contrasts. I needed a wide range of tones from white to black, which can be printed extremely beautiful on paper and on metallic canvases. A coffee table book is yet to come called “Nature’s Serendipities – a journey in pencil”. Stay tuned! 😉

Now, a little bit of insight for “Nature’s Serendipities” album. I wanted to convey a few moments that I think artistically are significant especially for the arrangement of the elements of composition. This arrangement is what makes Nature’s serendipities for real. In landscape art, nowadays, people who are trying to create something often neglect the beauty of wildlife, to put it this way, meaning animal life, and compose strictly without it. One cannot have a natural landscape scene without some animal life because it would be barren, so to speak, devoid of life even if plants, trees are, indeed, living beings, but they are still, they don’t move. Therefore, animal life represents movement and thus, life, both symbolically and realistically.

the mariner, nature, nature's serendipity, serendipity, serendipities, natural world, sula bassana, gannet, lizard, animal, life


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