Finally, I have started a special album of traditional drawings.

I have always liked to draw animals, plants, the natural world, but now I figured a way how to depict the natural world in my traditional drawings and that is by creating scenes were serendipity is the main subject, though hidden from sight (one has to intuit it), and the characters, as second subject matter, are animals, plants, minerals (stones, rocks, the landscape overall).

Serendipity is what we now like to call synchronicity. This is its synonym. It refers to situations, scenes were things align perfectly, naturally or in a way that makes sense to the viewer and to the artist, but in a conscious kind of way. If one is not conscious, one cannot figure out what is going on and thus would never understand it.

Nature has a way of aligning things naturally 😀 and, if we contemplate it, we understand how things work. It, then, reverberates within us and we begin to align with our own true nature.

I begin this album with a work called “The Mariner” which is actually about a northern gannet (Sula bassana or Morus bassanus) on some rocks on a cliff somewhere in the northern seas of our world. Below there’s a lizard, we have some plants, some of them with flowers. There are also a few other gannets in the background flying and diving for fish in the open sea. And we also have a stormy sky. This is the mariner as I feel it.

It is the first work in progress so stay tuned for the rest of the chapters of this work! 😉

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