Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.
Desmond Tutu.

In the first volume of “Music of Photography” I talked not only about photography but also about music, art in general, science, I tackled even religion or philosophy, about life itself, about Nature, about conscience, about issues that concern us humans etc. However, I want to dedicate this project to my mentor in the art of photography Ansel Adams. I learned a lot from Ansel in the art of photography and above all, I learned how to see the world in order to become a better photographer, artist and a better essayist, a better writer.

It is he who said that “The negative is comparable to the composer’s score and the print to its performance”. Often I was wondering how to interpret a scene I witness in the field and I discovered that if I use just my intellect to calculate, in post-production, my way through the final result I will get dissapointed and I would stray away from what I should have created. I discovered that if I listen to my emotions, my feelings, my heart then I have a purpose, a target, if you will, a meaning and a goal which gives it life. Without the emotional part no art work can ever be named art or a work of art, can never be artistical.

More than once, today, art works are created just for the sake of naming them art, really, without paying attention to the emotional component that, like I said, gives life to them and an art work must have a significant story contained in it, told by the artist who created it. Often I find “art works”, with the appropriate quotation marks, devoid of any story whatsoever. These works are mass produced and the world of photography does not make an exception either. I see a lot of photographs posted on the internet these days and, to tell you the truth, a mere few of them have a meaning, especially due to the fact that we created for ourselves a fast paced urbanistic environment called “the century of velocity”, in which everything is accelerated, including time and life itself.

Accelerating life, forcing it, could bring us a huge fatigue that we’d feel on our shoulders, on our heads like a heavy weight. All things needed more and more every day could impact our endurance to stress, which is the field of manifestation for many of our illnesses, diseases, psychosomatic affections etc. We are shooting our own knee, really!

On the other hand, slowing life’s pace forcefully could make us slack and lazy indifferent to the world’s problems and challenges, indifferent to others around us, making us as cold as a tomb. These two approaches to life are two extremes that always touch each other. The result in our hearts is: desperation.

But let’s not despair! All is not lost! There is still light in the world and there is hope for a better humanity. 😉

All the negativity of the world, of people these days are from the desperation that the world is lost, humanity is lost, so they think, and there is nothing we could do about it. This carelessness freezes all intention and action, and even if we want to try we cannot because of this state of affairs in our hearts and minds.

The Sun still rises and sets, and rises again. Life continues and there is still much we can do, we still have time to change and there is plenty of it, I have to tell you.

Most people are now acting as if life has no meaning and the world is doomed and is going straight down towards its destruction. But there are a few now who chose otherwise. They have started to change their thinking habits and their actions are speaking likewise now. In my country there is a man called Erwin Albu who is a farmer and produces a lot of vegetables and fruits every season. This season, however, he chose to display his products in front of his property and sell them without putting a price on them. Actually the price is voluntary, so to speak, meaning that every person who wants to buy from him puts his or her own price and gives him the money as a donation. You would not believe how many good people bought from him, in a world which we think is evil and destructive, unfriendly and hostile. Many of the people who bought from him gave him money in exchange for his products, in fact, some of them even gave him more then bargained. There were very few who took every of his products, even the crates where he put his fruits and vegetables, without paying. But he didn’t mind and continued his work, his project. In this way, he taught us a great lesson: all is not lost and there is still beauty and kindness in our hearts, and if we want to, we could put them to good use, our core values of our Soul, our Conscience. His story touched me deeply, I have to tell you.

Changing the world, changing ourselves does not reside in our ability to describe the problems of the world or in our capacity to criticize our bad habits but rather in the goodness that still is within us and can hardly wait to be put to practice. We dissolve the evilness of the world with goodness, love, kindness, respect etc., not with hating it, despising it and so on, because one can never destroy negativity with more negativity.

I understand that we should not be accomplice with delinquency but I never said we should love our wrongdoings either; on the contrary. The problem is we have too much negative criticism in our minds and this is another type of fanaticism, one from which I divorced many years ago. It still hurts me whenever I hear someone offer too much criticism and I know that that person is dissatisfied with the world and unhappy, of course. How can a person be happy when all he or she thinks is about bad things, wrongdoings, about the problems of the world, about all the negative things that are out there etc.? This person can never see beauty nor happiness. This person can never recognize beauty, kindness, love, happiness, conscience, let alone the other values of the Human Soul. Only a value recognizes a value. How can this kind of person see light when all he or she sees is darkness? How can this kind of person recognize a value, a beautiful human being, when he or she never bothered developing his or her own values of the Soul? I wonder…

Adagio Trionfante con Bravura - music of photography

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