Something happens in Nature that evades our perceptions, things that we often overlook. But Nature is alive and vibrant, even if Her music has a different level of vibration than we can perceive, on a different scale we are not yet tuned to, and it doesn’t fit our so-called temporal dimensions of perception.

Her slow moves gradually builds atoms, molecules, cell systems composing its creation on a timeless rhythm and with a balanced and developed harmony. All are born from a Chaos where everything is possible and yet nothing happens, nothing exists, nothing is, but it sleeps profoundly in a state of absolute latency.

Decision and Transformation

Spring is the season of regeneration, recreation, the reason why I write about this revearse autumn time. And the reason is a simple one. When curtains close down on natural habitats, they seem like they go behind the scenes, and then revelation comes like a seed germinating in the Midnight Sun. They show where they go, to that place beyond appearances. To an inner space where everything is possible but not yet created.

Spring is outlined from that place, but an inner impulse is necessary for it. This is like ground zero of life, a point with no dimension, or the Chaos. Decision comes and then music morphs and makes faces and faces in this nature where nothing is stable, nothing is lost and everything is transformed. Go back to where you came from! There you will see the spark.

At first everything seems crooked, like decomposition (or recomposition, if we do not limit ourselves to a vertical space and time where everything has a beginning and end, if we consider that everything is cyclical) that make geometric symmetries, apparently, disappear taking the place of the lack of meaning and thus the absence of the purpose of creation. Faces are ugly before they become beautiful and true. Are they abstract? Are they really? Or are they real? We still don’t know, but it’s better to lively experience all these, not explaining them with words. That is the joy of living.

geometry of chaos

Let’s reverse creation to see how the entire natural process of mineral, vegetal and animal beings unfolds.

There’s an ascension to the real peak of creation. Water has a role to play here as a catalyst. Everything is possible in Nature as long as there are the four elements, especially water, which is why I chose to portray the dew. I play with it so I can show the tiny creative spaces of Mother Nature. I can go grassroots with this one.

Obviously, I am interested in light, its intensities and contrasts. Darkness counterbalances with its contrast. Without it we can’t see light. But let’s go beyond appearances, shall we?

geometry of chaos

In the beginning, every creature opens its eyes gradually to perceive different aspects of the physical realm. The worst part is that, at one point, what with the development of the intellect, the child loses its perceptions of what is beyond the five senses, the depths of things. These perceptions are replaced with the normal sight, hear, smell, touch and taste of the body. But still, this isn’t ment to be. There is an unnatural reason for this happening.

The light beads remind us of a geometry that we seem to know. I also recently discovered that this primordial geometry resides in everything that is created. It’s quite difficult to look in depth and perceive something. There are the primordial archetypes, the origins of forms and appearances from which we can understand how they are born and comprise the physical world in which we live.

From that dark, say, space there is the light that each of us think it doesn’t exist, when in fact it has not yet been created. Of course, where the forms have already been built, there’s also light along with them in particles that makes them visible. This light is being contained in the respective forms themselves. I am referring to forms and not to things more precisely, or to the somehow intellectually called objects or beings. I want to generalize the terms so as not to deviate from the primordial archetype, that flower of life all the descriptions of all the civilizations that have perished and those that are still here on Earth have it.

Did you notice how light is reflected to and from those drops of water? This made me understand what happens in the depths of them all. Intense and profound intuition was needed to go way beyond and grasp.

geometry of chaos

Then, more, so to say, relevant forms appear, meaning those that we can recognize and finally define. But some escape any definition. The old tradition is still preserved, though.

The seer assumes the task of showing something other than what is easily perceptible with the physical eye.

However, these forms always have two fundamental aspects that touch each other like two extremes, like the primordial love between man and woman, when they meet, which always create something. Nature is always double, dual. There is an active pole and a passive pole. Both could not exist without their opposite, and they would have no reason to exist. The active one exists because there is the passive one and so forth.

geometry of chaos

There’s a moment of confusion while the two opposites create and recreate (both happening at the same time) and then both materialize a third aspect which is both active and passive, positive and negative or none withal. Hard to explain and to understand. But try to imagine and explain a sphere form and see if you can define it entirely. There is always something left out. And this is its mystery. It’s never the same though appearantly is the same.

geometry of chaos

There are vanishing points and perspectives. Any artist works with them to outline what has in one’s own imagination as a formal revery of an impulse of the love to create. Using them, he gives at least the visual depths that attract or repel light seekers. It is the game of shapes in the cosmic kindergarten beyond what we call the first and last name, country of origin, religious or socio-political affiliation, and beyond the star system which we are a part of.

We can have gradients in many ways. But the perfect way is to imitate Nature, or, better said, to do what Nature does. This is cooperation with Her.

Often, while I draw, I realised that I draw better when I follow the moves of Nature, which are round, curve, voluptuous and suave. Same starting points, same dancing movements on a music that moves continuously, from there, from somewhere above.. all the tones in their movements as all men and women. From simple to complex. From the basic idea of the foundations of all forms to the most defining details. This is the how of evolution, but there is what is called revolution, and this depends on the intelligence of the primordial creator, who is beyond his children and yet supports them in the form of a playground.. the space. This is where all the scenarios take place.

geometry of chaos

And here is what it outlines more specifically, something that deserves every attention, sympathy, admiration and love from the artist who gave life to. Now, the artist can see clearly and contemplate Her creation. And then..?

geometry of chaos

Full of gems and the ardor of light in every jewel She owns and wants to self-actualize, Her creation dominates the atmosphere of the planet and pulls the sleeve of the traveler telling Him with the voice of silence: look at me, admire me, listen to me, feel me, smell me, love me!

geometry of chaos

In order to then attract Him with Her opposing contrast and reveal Her gems to Him. For a light ascent you need a dark descent.

geometry of chaos

The ecstasy of light follows through the high-key of Her image She projects. The two become one to spread light abundantly. Just as the Sun does with us.

geometry of chaos

Uniting the two forms of light takes to that point, because the active and the passive containg light of different vibrational intensities. There is a defense barrier that is formally called the „skin”. It does not, however, prevent the vibrations of the love of light. When the two touch, resonating to the same frequency in will, imagination, intuition and recreation, the light is always created or recreated within themselves. Light reproduces itself from the two previous lights. The forms remain apparently the same and the primordial archetypes reside in their offspring being the same with the originators and their origin.

And then everything comes back to no form, to rest, to sleep.

Shadow and sleep are the two ingrediens every cosmic chef cooks with, of every traveler of light.

The Micro-Universe is the Macro-Universe and viceversa.

Let us study the principles of the fractals!

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