Dark and Grungy Neon Music Player

Reviving the ancient ways is what concern me the most, these days. I believe that in ancient times there were great artworks and designs that were very succesful in communicating their master’s message. And so, I want to use this approach in graphic design also. Thus, I came up with a dark, grungy neon music player user interface design. I used complementary colours wherever I could in this design.

But when you have lots of colours in your work, if you don’t have geometry, it means nothing, even if the said geometry is both symmetrical and asymmetrical, abstract and all, as it is. I designed this music player interface inspired by ancient aztec and tibetan, mayan mandala designs and so, I had to use some geometrical designs for the buttons, the display and all. I used strong, contrasty, dark colours with natural and man-made abstract textures to suggest some sort of roughness. This interface is far from minimal and clean, in fact it is dirty, grungy, dark and it has a powerful statement to make.

I used lots of blend modes and layer styles in Photoshop in order to make the design’s statement even stronger, both on a large and on a small scale.

I also used some glowing brighter colours to give focus to certain areas and buttons of the interface. I wanted to attract attention to what’s important, such as the songs and the play button.


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