Did you know that we still need wisdom in order to succeed in life? We need knowledge too, but wisdom is how we use knowledge.

The wisdom of the ages, the spiritual wisdom of the ancients speak not only to and for the human soul, but to his or her spirit as well. This is not about the dogmatic religious faiths and believes, devoid of any profound interpretation, but about the wisdom of all religions, philosophies and cultures.

So let’s drink from the wine of the sages!


Cele 12 mari secrete ale vietii uitate de omenire

Cu cat meditez mai mult asupra vietii, cu atat realizez mai puternic ca cel mai mare blestem, cel mai mare necaz al omului modern este uitarea. Precum un rãu libidinos, uitarea a patruns in toata realizarea si fiinta omeneasca. In mod individual,…
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Master and Servant

I thought of writing about this today and it looked quite amazing to me. To understand this is to finally arive at a place in which you are really in a state of self-awareness, but before this the magical journey of redescovering yourself,…