Ars Caelestialis: Hope – digital painting

Hope is patience with the lamp lit.

Even in the darkest hour hope still lingers not as a shadow but as a light, and not from above but from within.

The greatest stormy clouds open and the harshest waves of the vast ocean of wonders are silenced. One needs light in order to feel peace again. Where there is no understanding there’s ignorance and this clouds the mind as a shadow of fear.

When light may cometh? Can one quiet one’s mind in order to hear the coming of the light? Does light sound? What does it sound like?

These are not hopes but a precursor for the ultimate knowing which really hope is. Do we need catalysts for hope? Why can’t we just touch it directly? I guess light cannot be touched nor heard, but it can be felt otherwise as inspirations, or some intuitions manifesting, or images of what may come.

But I know that nothing stays the same, although every now and then I feel doubts spontaneously arising to the surface from the depths of my mind and can make me feel suffering “eternally”. Nothing stays the same even if it takes a long time to change.

Hope is not only knowing and patience but peace of mind.

Some people judge others by the way they think, feel, speak, act. Not to worry! Those have their minds in a storm or another. They project what they see from the porthole of their own ships while navigating the stormy high seas of their Souls. They’re harmless. Nevertheless, once you label me, you negate me.

And it is not about me, for there is no me. If I stay present, the one that I am, I just am. That is all. No labels, no self-thoughts and no considerations.

One cannot define this what we call “I am”, because once we say “I” we mean something that separates the said being from the rest of the beings inhabiting the vast Universe. And why? For what purpose? Do we want to separate from the croud in order to be or to be someone?

I think we are distinct and yet, we have the same posibilities, the same potentiality. How we use it is something different. This is harmony. Having the same values is the rhythm of the Universe.

The mind and matter are the same. One is the projector whereas the other is the projection. They say that what we think we become and yes, it is true only by covering ourselves with false faces, nothing more. What we become we are not!

This is hope at its finest! :)

Hope - digital art, digital painting

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