You’ve explored our Cydrone Creation Studios and now we’d like to welcome you to our Cydrone Archetypal Academy. We are concerned with archetypes and symbols and we enjoy studying and applying them into our lives, since we already live in a world of archetypes. We talk about sacred geometry, fractal mathematics, the natural world, arts and crafts, science, psychology and spiritual life, also about the great thinkers of mankind who made a huge difference and upon whose shoulders, nations, peoples, society, the entire world stands. We bring tribute to them, we honour them by showcasing their lives and works and by studying them thoroughly. We also enjoy listening to their quotes. Thus, their legacy is kept alive with these presentations we give here.

Oh, and not to forget! We’d like to bring a triplet model of thinking and acting making it our motto: Education, Creativity and Originality first! The acronym is E.C.O. We work and study by being e.c.o., that is to say, educational, creative and original.

We also inspire people to find meaning in their lives, to think, to practice their own vocation, to occupy their place in the world and to harness their own, what we like to call, dharma. Education is, thus, the approach we take on life. Hollistic education, we like to call it and put into practice, which is interconnected, an interdisplined kind of education of all there is to study. However, education is, nevertheless, self-education and we strongly believe in the giving of the exam before giving the lesson. We are our own masters and evaluators. We learn to live and we live to learn!

So, again, welcome and enjoy your stay, and study with us!

politica, spiritualitate
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Despre Politică și Spiritualitate: Omule, cunoaște-te pe tine însuți și vei cunoaște Universul și Zeii care-l guvernează!

Unde suntem? Mai există politică? Dar spiritualitate? Omenirea se află astăzi la o răscruce de drumuri între a alege spre spiritualitate sau spre materialism tehnocratic întru totul, în care ființa umană este guvernată de mașini…
ai, inteligenta artificiala, umanitatea
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Vasile Astărăstoae: Inteligența artificială și medicina (partea I)

În 2016, Klaus Martin Schwab, fondator și președinte executiv al Forumului Economic Mondial, afirma că inteligența artificială (AI) este a „patra revoluție” industrială după „revoluția mașinilor cu abur”, „revoluția electrică”…
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Brendan O’Neill: Amintiri din era post-adevarului – Toate marile adevaruri incep ca blasfemii

„Vom trai in curand intr-o lume”, scria G.K. Chesterton, „in care oamenii vor persecuta erezia de a numi triunghiul o figura cu trei laturi”. Suntem in acea lume acum. Marturie sta furia multimii de genderqueer care a confruntat-o…
russell kirk, anti-democratie

Daniel McCarthy: Împotriva democratismului și a altor ideologii revoluționare

Dacă cărțile ar putea avea copii, The Politics of Prudence ar fi fiul lui The Conservative Mind. Au apărut la 40 de ani distanță, interval în care a apărut „mișcarea conservatoare”. Când The Conservative Mind a fost publicată…